ill let you judge my booty if you lemme see your booty


Is that how this gonna work? How are you gonna let me judge the booty if you’re just anonymous? 

So we’ll just let things take their course, and never be sorry.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Benediction  (via artistsuffer)


remember when ginny weasley turned down the offer of going to the dance with harry (the boy she’d been crushing on for years) so that she could stay loyal to her date with neville and then completely called ron and harry out on their shit when they started making fun of neville good times good times

all cute boys report to me

i gotta judge the booty.

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i wish to pause my existence
i do not wish for death
i wish for an escape
before i drown in the sea of deception
before the darkness consumes me whole
and i am no longer my own person

i do not wish for the last breath
i wish for a pause
while i mend and heal
while i become whole
but time waits for no man
and i am not an exception

i have to be brave
i have to be strong
no matter how hard
or how they thought i was wrong

it won’t be easy
but i’ll have to try
because my only salvation
lies in me, myself and I.